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King of Sheetrock

What Does Your Company’s Logo Say About You?

A few months ago, I noticed this King of Sheetrock truck near one of our job sites. The logo on the truck right away made me smile, and it still does. The design is playful and well done. Part of it reminded me of a gun slinger of the Ol’ West, but this cowboy comes […]

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When A Friend’s Passing Stops You In Your Tracks

The last weeks years have kept me busy thinking about reinvention. Remodeling contractors large and small have taken hard economic hits, and it will take years to recover. Not that there is no work, mind you, but there is much less of it, and contractors have to work a great deal harder to get it. And […]

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Irresponsible eHow Post Rewarded With Enviable Google Ranking

A few days ago, I was searching Google on the query ‘Second Story Deck’. I wrote two articles on deck building recently, and wanted to see the rankings. Lo and behold, guess what shows up on page 1 of the search results? Yep, an eHow post. (For the few of you not familiar with eHow, it […]

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Do Job Site & Truck Signs Increase Your Bottom Line?

In the past years I have used magnetic vehicle signs as well as yard or building signs to advertise my company. The only calls they ever generated were those from insurance brokers wanting my business and trades people looking for work. I have also become sensitive to the fact that job site signs are clear […]

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Selling The Invisible

One aspect of marketing that my business has struggled with for quite some time is how to show qualities to prospective clients that can not necessarily be seen or touched. A car dealer can point to a car, let you sit in it, take it for a spin, etc. You get a sense of what […]

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Love Thy Neighbor(s)

On almost every building project we make sure to introduce ourselves to the surrounding neighbors. This often helps small problems from becoming headaches, plus it is a good marketing tool. I always try to introduce myself in person, and if that is not possible I leave a letter with my business card in the mailbox. […]

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