Do Job Site & Truck Signs Increase Your Bottom Line?

In the past years I have used magnetic vehicle signs as well as yard or building signs to advertise my company. The only calls they ever generated were those from insurance brokers wanting my business and trades people looking for work. I have also become sensitive to the fact that job site signs are clear give-aways that there are tools to be found and stolen. Last year, the Berkeley police department left bulletins at local building supply yards warning contractors of a sharp upswing in job site thefts. Even though we store most smaller equipment in large steel tool chests and we use cable locks for ladders etc, I keep hearing stories of very heavy Knaack boxes being broken into or removed from jobs altogether.

I have given up on truck signs, and use project signs with discretion. A friendly letter to surrounding neighbors is probably more effective. How do these signs work for you? And if they don’t, what do you do instead to increase your company’s visibility?

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