King of Sheetrock

What Does Your Company’s Logo Say About You?

A few months ago, I noticed this King of Sheetrock truck near one of our job sites. The logo on the truck right away made me smile, and it still does. The design is playful and well done. Part of it reminded me of a gun slinger of the Ol’ West, but this cowboy comes equipped with a screw gun in one hand and a drywall square in the other. The posture reminds me of Elvis Presley, king of the other kind of rock! King of Sheetrock… the name leaves no doubt about this contractor’s ambition nor the the fun he seems to be having. On top of that, notice that there is no telephone number or internet address on the truck. This gives the scenario a certain mystery, as prospective clients will have to make a little effort to track him down.

When we changed our company’s name to CVAN Builders, we wanted a nice logo alongside that new name. We talked with Linda Brandon, of Linda Brandon Design, and asked if she could create an appealing image that would communicate our business and values. She sent a long questionnaire about what message and values the logo should convey, and after a number of suggestions and mock-ups, we arrived at a final design. Linda showed us the importance of a strong logo, and with a portfolio that includes nearly every graphic design award and many well-known corporate clients, we gained important insights into communicating our brand. As to contact information, I think showing only the address of CVAN’s web site is fine. If people are truly interested, they will make an effort to get in touch. For many years, I installed signs at job sites and on trucks, and the only responses I received were either from carpenters looking for work, or from insurance agents looking for new business. What message does your logo convey?

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