Selling The Invisible

One aspect of marketing that my business has struggled with for quite some time is how to show qualities to prospective clients that can not necessarily be seen or touched. A car dealer can point to a car, let you sit in it, take it for a spin, etc. You get a sense of what you may be buying. But what about a second story addition or a new kitchen? What about seismic retrofit projects that often take place in crawlspaces and are rarely seen? What about our integrity, attention to details, and communication skills? Sure, we can provide references and show photos of completed projects, but that only goes so far, especially in competitive bid situations.

Recently I happened upon a great little book by Harry Beckwith titled Selling The Invisible – A Field Guide To Modern Marketing. While published about 15 years ago, very little in this book has outlived its usefulness. Crammed with innovative tips from a man with broad and deep experience and understanding of this topic, Beckwith makes excellent suggestions that apply to almost any service business. If you’re not sure you want to spend $11, pick up a copy from your local public library and check it out. I can almost guarantee you’ll want your own. Highly recommended!

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