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Flush Water-Saving Toilets After Each Use!

Now that an official drought has been declared in California, many people remind themselves that “When it’s yellow it’s mellow; when it’s brown flush it down.” That was fine and well during the days of toilets that used nine gallons of water to keep waste moving. With today’s modern toilets that use between one and two gallons, however, flushing each time is crucial.

About five years ago, we remodeled a client’s bathroom and installed a Toto wall-mounted dual-flush toilet. She figured that she could save even more water by not flushing when it was not  absolutely necessary. As a result, the lack of water prevented toilet paper from moving along, and began to accumulate in the sewer line. Eventually the line clogged, and a plumber was needed to fix the problem. Contrary to typical floor-mounted models, a “snake” can not be used with the wall-mounted type. The toilet had to be removed and reinstalled. Save yourself the unnecessary expense and headache. If you have a low-flow toilet, be sure to flush after each use.

Oh, the photo? It is a poo-powered motorcycle, called the “Toilet Bike Neo.” Toto says it wants to raise awareness of water waste. There are no plans to make this bike available commercially.

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