Amsterdam Architects Build Full-sized Canal House With 3D Printer

Leave it to those Amsterdammers! Famous for their red light district, Old Dutch Masters, and gorgeous canal houses, one is now being built with a 3D printer.

A few weeks ago, Annemarie Coevert of the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reported how DUS architects designed the world’s first building being constructed with a 3D printer. Visitors can observe the printer, built by the same architecture firm, and nicknamed “de kamermaker” or “roombuilder.” Here continues a rough translation of the article:

The onsite construction trailer has blueprints on display (President Barack Obama visited the site last week), as well as scaled-down 3D versions of each of the house’s 13 rooms, available for purchase. While a Dutch building contractor as well as a German material’s supplier are involved in the construction process, more funding is needed to complete the canal house.

Although it has been decided that the building’s facade will be of similar design as the Cubist style used in Prague over a century ago, many construction details remain unknown. “3D printing is a totally different way of building,” explains Hedwig Heinsman from DUS architects. “Only the shape of the 3D canal house resembles a typical old canal house. For the rest it differs completely from a traditional building.”

According to DUS, the idea behind this project is to come up with new ways to construct buildings efficiently with recyclable materials. The 3D canal house should become a prototype for a building technique to be applied all over the world.

This is exciting! Yes, a great deal needs to be figured out, but the concept of new methods and sustainable materials is something we can not afford to ignore.

Learn more about the canal house.

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