Home Automation

The New York Times published an intesting article today about home automation. Brian Chen describes the pros and cons various options and features, and I notice myself being somewhat slow to jump aboard.


While many embrace their smartphones wholly, I have actually taken a step back. I noticed myself taking the iPhone to my bedroom, so its alarm could prod me into an upright position in the morning. Alas, that was just too much. While I like Apple products, I do not want to be tethered to them 24/7. To that end, I actually bought an alarm clock, so the phone could stay downstairs, muted and connected to its charger. The clock is connected via radiowaves to an atomical timekeeper, so it is always accurate. Sleep well, Siri.

As to home automation, I take a wait-and-see attitude. Sure, my programmable thermostat is very handy, and I know the version made by Nest is quite attractive. I can also see many potential conveniences for other devices and appliances; however, some discussions need to be had about privacy and security. Amazon and Google have no business listening to conversations in my home — be that the kitchen or the bedroom — nor am I looking forward to the day some teenager introduces new temperature settings for the freezer or air conditioner. Indeed, most devices come with an OFF switch, but I am looking to simplify my life, not add complexity.

I am curious: to what extent have you embraced home automation? Is it paying off?

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