salvaged lumber at Port & Manor

Store Remodels Using Salvaged Lumber

In a post published last year, I wrote about creative use of reclaimed wood. While most content on this site is about home remodeling, retail stores and other businesses can (and do!) the same.

A good example is a local branch of Port & Manor that opened in San Rafael, California, not long ago. Before the store opened to the public, the owners remodeled the front entrance. An overhead trellis was added, using all salvaged beams and boards. They added galvanized sheet metal caps to the top of most boards so they will not be affected by rain water that puddles and eventually causes rot.

Reclaimed wood trellis

Instead of using stucco to cover all the exterior wall surfaces, they covered some parts with horizontally placed, recycled boards. The store’s appearance essentially signals the products one can expect to find inside: vintage furniture, semi-antique decorations, and recycled items. What all their merchandise has in common is that they are made from sustainable materials. I like how this company added an attractive flair to the outside of their store. Good job, and smart communications!

Salvaged wood at Port & Manor

Salvaged wood at Port & Manor

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