Sperry Instruments GFI6302 GFCI Outlet Tester Review

Last year, I reviewed two electrical outlet testers: F-Circle’s CircTest 3579-4 for regular, grounded receptacles; and the Commercial Electric MS6860H, which can also be used to test GFCI circuits. The main complaints I voiced were that both were labeled on one side only, making it cumbersome to test receptacles that were installed upside down, and that the CircTest had lens covers that fell off if I grabbed the unit the wrong way.

The Sperry Instruments GFI6302 addresses both these issues. It seems well-built, and features:

  • Labels on both sides of the unit
  • Lenses that are integrated in such a way that they can not accidentally be pulled off
  • Bright neon indicator lights, indicating polarity, hot, neutral, ground, etc.
  • Ribbed rubber sides so your fingers get a good grip when removing the outlet tester from a receptacle
  • A GFCI button that appears to function correctly, and is located on the top
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Instructions in English, French, and Spanish.


I can find only one downside, which is the way this tester is packaged. Packaging consists of a plastic blister pack and cardboard. Sperry should follow in the footsteps of so many other manufacturers — Apple and Sandisk, for example — and minimize  the use of plastic.

Aside from the blister pack, the GFI6302 is Remodel Blog’s top choice of GFCI outlet testers. I bought a review model at Amazon for $8.95, but immediately afterwards the price went up to $10.89. Still, I think it is worth the money. Happy testing, and please do it safely!

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