Remodeled Bathroom

Smart Bathroom Remodel Starts In A Few Weeks!

In a couple of weeks, we will start a second floor bathroom remodel in a 1930’s Spanish-style home. We plan to cover this project from A to Z with video and stills, and will share tips and tricks of the trade. Here is a brief description of what will be happening.

We will remove:

  1. A portion of lath & plaster wall and ceiling
  2. The entire tiled floor and mortar bed
  3. ‘Thirsty Throne’, an ancient, water-guzzling toilet
  4. Old plumbing and knob-and-tube wiring

Then we install:

  • New framing to prepare for a dual-flush toilet with in-wall tank
  • Blocks to ‘back’ new drywall, towel racks, and so forth
  • A super-quiet, low-voltage exhaust fan plus sheetmetal ducts
  • A new electrical circuit, GFCI receptacle, and switches
  • New recycled cotton insulation
  • Cool wallboard that does not contain any paper
  • The  subfloor, cement board, and ceramic tile
  • A brand-spanking new  wall-mounted toilet

That just about sums up what is on drawing board right now. You will see the tools that are best for each part of the job, and best of all, you are encouraged to asked questions about what’s going on. Stay tuned!

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